Adopting an environmental preservation lens, our mission transcends the communication of the tobacco industry's impact on public health; instead, it embraces the broader scope of the destruction it wreaks upon our planet. By exposing the industry's deceitful 'greenwashing' tactics, we equip young individuals with the essential tools to champion a cleaner and healthier world, one that benefits not only our generation but also future ones.

We are proud to contribute to the targets of the European Green New Deal and Leuven 2030. By actively participating in these initiatives, we are working towards making our city more beautiful, climate-neutral, and sustainable. Additionally, we fully support the European Commission's directive to create a tobacco-free generation in Europe by 2040, championing a healthier future for all. 


  Raise awareness of the acute hazards of cigarette butts pollution on the environment and ecosystem through community outreach, media campaigns, and educational workshops.

From a realistic perspective, considering that a portion of the population still smokes, it is imperative that they dispose of their cigarette butts and vapes appropriately to minimize the environmental impact.

Foster environmental citizenship by offering free workshops, encouraging art intervention projects, and providing access to scientific-based information.

Collaborate with local businesses, schools, and community groups to promote our cause and increase community involvement in our initiatives.


I've always been conscious of the devastating effects of the tobacco industry on public health. However, in 2020, I began taking my baby to the local playgrounds in Leuven, and to my surprise, the sandpits were filled with cigarette butts. It was at that moment that I delved into research about the environmental catastrophe caused by this industry, from tobacco production to the waste generated by cigarette butts and "vaping" devices, as well as their pervasive greenwashing tactics. With the intention of protecting our planet and future generations, I set in motion "Bin Your Butts Leuven".  Marília Breite - Founder of Bin Your Butts Leuven

our team

Tania Pozos

Environmental Advocate


Leuven Actuell: Jongeren ruimen sigarettenpeuken op in Leuven - 20/03/2030 https://www.leuvenactueel.be/nieuws/leuven/jongeren-ruimen-sigarettenpeuken-op-in-leuven

Nieuwsblad: Vrijwilligers rapen 4.600 sigarettenpeuken op één voormiddag - 12/10/20200

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By sponsoring our cause, sharing valuable insights, or simply showing respect for our work, you have the power to ignite transformation. Get in touch with us at contact@binyourbutts.org and become a part of the solution. Together, let's shape a cleaner, greener future for Leuven.